Registered certificates

Google numbered and issued licenses to be solely and exclusively used on websites and / or a Blog, which the user(s) have a certificate from the Google Academy.
All certificates of Google academy on the personal birth name of the students who have obtained the certificate.
Each certificate is identified by the training modules listed on the certificates.
A certificate that is not signed by two different people from the Framingham State University is invalid. Not signed certificates can Google images are shown, and are therefore not recognized by Google as a valid certificate!
The valid certificate must possess the following characteristics below:
1. Google Certified Partner Publishing should always be provided with a registration number that is related to a person or persons who have obtained a valid certificate from the Google Academy!
2. The certificate may be published on any website by the person, by obtaining this certificate his personal license is obtained on the Google Academy.
3. In addition, the certificate must be registered by a notary, tax authorities or authorized Lawyer in the country where the student lives!
A valid certificate number must consist of:
1. The country code for Google student resides.
2. A number of 10 as registration numbers, separated by flat joining characters. For example: xxx-xxx-xxxx
3. The last feature is the continent where the certificate is valid.


The certified SMC International Network is a database system which operates in all countries listed below. 275 million websites are connected to this system. These websites received through the database command to place 468x60 banners or text ads on a pay code. This payment code receives the webmaster at the customer and places it with the command in the database. Ele visitors received by customers come of UNIQUE IP addresses. The entire system SMC daily every second automatically checked for "spam" and "virus" systems.